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This purchase will give you access to the Shoe, Bag, and/or Ready To wear Manufactures we here at Ken White Collection use for our own items. 

Only selling 5 of each!!!!


We are not responsible/liable for the events and/or order taken place between you the customer and the manufacture you choose to work with. 

Once your purchase is complete customer will receive an email within 24-36 Hours with details for the small amount of manufactures we use here at Ken White Collection. It is up to the customer to contact and discuss any questions and details with the manufactures. All manufacturers are China Based! 

- Shoes/Bag: Customer will be given the contact number, email and contact method for our manufacturer who produces our shoes and bags. (1-2 manufactures) MOQ: 30-60 pairs

- Ready To Wear: Pleases know that ready to wear for us is defined as activewear, NO BEADS, CRYSTALS, OR COURTURE WORK. This is strictly for active wear, plain clothing such as dress, coats, jackets, socks, club dresses, just about anything item you can think of.